Do you want to work in a cozy and luxurious suits shop?
Do you want to communicate with interesting, intelligent and wealthy people on a dailybasis?
Do you want to run a made to measure suits business without having any sewing equipment?
Do you want to offer your clients top quality mens suits and shirts made in Europe from Italian and English fabrics?

Custom-made products are booming all the world, including Europe. People are tired of ready-to-wear clothing.
In times of globalization and mass production, everyone wants to differentiates him/herself from the others with their appearance and belongings – from the cell phone case to the car. Clothes and more particularly suits, are not an exception. From centuries the men’s suit is being the symbol of success, wealth and confidence.

Have you ever wondered why back in the days every man looked so sharp and elegant? Have you ever wondered why the men in the Hollywood movies are so sexy? The answer is very easy – they all wear custom tailored suits. The custom made suits cannot be compared with anything else on the market – no matter what is your body like, no matter what is your budget.

What we offer:

  • Know-how for how to establish and run your business
  • Manufacturing and delivery within 15days to every location in Europe.
  • Employees training, which includes measurements training, sales training, marketing training
  • Design and advise of the interior of your shop/atelier
  • Design and printing of marketing materials such as business cards, leaflets, roll banners, membership discount cards etc.

We use the most innovative technologies to produce high quality suits and shirts.

Franchising in figures:

All expenses included in the franchise fee are:

  • €5000 for the license to use our registered brand name Brutale in labels, advertising, etc. to boost your sales.
  • €3000 for sample suits and fabrics bunches
  • €12000 for know-how, employees training, marketing support(this does not include a budget for advertising in your area).
  • (optional) €5000 for made to measure shirts package, incl. sample shirts and fabrics bunches.
  • €0.00 monthly fee for advertising
  • €0.00 monthly fee for royalties

You will have the chance to establish a running business model for total of €20 000 for suits only or €25 000(VAT excl.) if you wish to offer made to measure shirts also. For this price you will be able to get business advice 24/7 from experienced business leader in the fashion industry and an MBA graduate. We will navigate you right from the start and we will be there for you when need our help.

Note, you need to consider the following expenses that are up to your local market:

  • covering your monthly expenses such as salary, rent, bills etc.
  • a certain amount for investment in furniture if you are willing to establish an atelier or a store. You can run the business without any store. The tailor will visit the clients at their address only
  • advertising budget (we will provide with details about which are the best advertising methods for our franchise in your area, so you do not waste your budget)

What we need from you:

  • Capital for the franchise fee
  • Registered enterprise in the location you want to operate.
  • Have an interview with us to discuss why do you want to start this business and to see your potential for running it
  • A smile!

With our franchise you safe huge amount of money from investing in renting/buying property, buying an expensive professional machinery, hiring highly experienced tailors, keeping stock of fabrics. We have got all these covered for you, leaving you only with taking measurements and selling.
And least, but not last you will get great wholesale prices for suits and shirts, which will give you huge competitive advantage on your local market.

Why our business model is successful:

  • You pay for what you get. We do not have any hidden fees or monthly commission on your turnover.
  • We offer high quality suits with 100% satisfaction rate
  • We will give you the fishing rod, we will teach you how to fish, but you have all the freedom how to approach your customers.

Suitable for:

  • Men/women with or without sales experience, as we will provide full training.
  • Executives with passion in fashion industry, but not necessarily graduates in this field.
  • Investors who want to expand their portfolio
  • People that are well connected and like to communicate with people from different industries
  • There is absolutely no requirement for you or your employees to be tailors/sewers.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.